Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday Night

Tommy, chillax on my Sister's bed. Ovenyaaaa -.-'

7:15 pm, Friday night  & still at the office. Evidence Law test at 9:30 am tomorrow morning yet haven't started hafal-ing anything

Nope nope. I'm not complaining *coughs*

Life fulls with datelines nowadays that I rather stay back at the office/class till 10 pm & go back to the college like a stressful zombie rather than go back early, tengok Running Man bersama Syairah & kemudiannya tidur sampai ke pagi. Heh!

Oh, btw esok after test saya ada rehearsal & amik robe for my graduation day on this 22 October! Honestly, saya rasa kurang excited la nak convo ni :( Ma asked me what I want for my graduation day but my mind couldn't find anything desirable at this moment. Atau mungkin juga countless spa treatment, undisturbed sleep at nights & peaceful weekends?

Speaking of which, need to get a new pair of black shoes & a black handbag! Jom jom, anyone free petang esok? Kita jalan-jalan cuci mata nak?

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