Saturday, 15 October 2011

Happy Birthday Ma! :D

Guess guess who officially turns 57 today?

a) Mak Su Lah
b) My Ma
c) Hjh Rahimah Awang Noh
d) Encik Muhammad's wife
e) All answers above. Hehe!

I've been occupied with a lot of things lately that I missed a few important birthdays! For someone who's so bad at numbers {looks at my unsolved simple calculation in Solicitor's Account notes -.-'}, remembering some people's birthdays & phone numbers is one of the things I should brag about. Hehe!

I managed to be the first person wishing her on her birthday!

Ma: Hello?
Saya: Happy birthday to youuuuuu! Happy birthday to youuuuuu!
Ma: Oh, hari ni berapa hari bulan? Terima kasih *giggles like a girl*

Anyway, happy birthday to my Ma, the first person ever who has taught me & my siblings almost about everything under the sun! From how to lipat baju, buang kepala ikan bilis, bathe cats, free ceramah on duniawi & ukhrawi to counseling session about love *coughs*, our Ma has done it all! We couldn't thank her enough & semoga Allah beri kelapangan umur & rezeki kepada kami untuk membalas balik segala jasa baik beliau. Amin..

 First day of Raya, 2011; Kakak, yours truly & Ma

I know I was a difficult anak bongsu *coughs* but I swear I'm improving myself now, inside out. InsyaAllah. And hopefully, seeing me up on the stage receiving my first degree {although Second Class Upper je mampu T_T} next week will be one of the best birthday presents to you :)

The next best birthday presents? More to come in the future, InsyaAllah
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