Friday, 28 October 2011

I'm Sick & Homesick

Went to see doctor at Pusat Kesihatan UiTM on Thursday morning & got 2 days of MC {tqvm Dr!}. So, what else a sick girl would do other than sleeping like a polar bear all day long?

The flu fever is still here btw. But I'll try make a point to go to the office tomorrow. Couldn't afford to be left out, or at least to be slightly below the par from my other firm mates. 3 assignments to be submitted next week, nasib baik 2 tests cansel. WoohOo!

Gambar konvo tak upload lagi kat FB. Later, perhaps? Malam ni kena tidur awal sebab Abah suruh. So, good night, people! Take care of yourself because apparently, now is musim demam. There are 6 people absent in my class today, including me!

Oct 23, 2011
A day after convocation, during a photoshoot with Mimi, Shaf & Nobby di hadapan air terjun RM1 juta UiTM. Adakah kerana terlampau banyak melompat menyebabkan mek demam beberapa selepas itu? But look look, I can jump so high!

I need to stop eating Pak Mat's nasi lemak, I think? Those cheeks become apparent day by day @.@

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