Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Saya Demam, Saya Tak Okayyy

I went to bed at 11 something pm last night, {after singing some songs as lullabies to lull me to sleep regardless the comment that I received from my room mate that my voice is 'tak sedap'} woke up at 3 something am after I remembered that my contact lens were still intact with my eyes & woke up again at 5.20 am to perform Isya' prayer

And this morning, tadaaaaaa! I woke up with this sick self. Everything becomes so hard on me, I even nearly cried when Throng made a stupid joke on air-con. Mek menggigil kesejukan di sini, dia lagi la nak turunkan temperature. Haih! -.-'

I'm glad that it's Deepavali tomorrow! Public holiday means some extra hours on bed. Woots!

Need to fight this flu bugs first. I've 3 assignments to be submitted this Thursday. Woots kuasa 2!
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