Saturday, 1 October 2011

My 3.9 Kg Parcel

I received 3.9 kg parcel from my parents on Thursday last week which needless to say was the highlight of the whole week for me! Yayyy! Tqvm Ma, Abah & Kakak!  

Ok honestly, nothing grand about the parcel except for some text books, Acts, bajus, blouse, long black skirt, shawl, skin socks, 2 pictures of my parents etc but being easily-triggered me, even seeing a cat licking its paw made me laugh. Hehe!

It took me 5 minutes to get through the tali-tali {Abah's so good at ikat-mengikat} & wrapping. Mula-mula ingat nak gigit guna gigi je. Kau mampu? Lol!

Abah sokmo silap poskod rumah. Hehe! It's 15100 anyway

My precious! And hopefully Conveyancing will be nice to me throughout this semester. I've heard a lot of stressful stories from the seniors yang membuatkan mek seteress memikirkannya

The Parents & their friend during umrah trip last August

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