Sunday, 2 October 2011

Let Me Forget All These Petty Things

Had a chat at Fb just now with Robbil, a friend of 10 years who's more like a brother to me. We rarely chat & in fact, haven't met since 2001 but he's among a few people whom I get to learn something vital about life. Pengajaran sebentar tadi ialah;

"Read the signs {should have done that wayyyy before}, forget the past no matter how hurtful it is & start fresh"

Ya Allah, please guide me through the right path as I've another year to keep myself busy with my LL.B & a future to look forward to. So, help me forget all these petty things & make me go through this with ease, Ya Allah. In Your Promises I believe & You know what I don't know. Amin..

Btw, October is going to be an exciting month for me. Ma's birthday is on 15th, followed by my graduation day on 22nd, InsyaAllah :D

 {credits to Suhey}

We'll be on evening session. And oh my, by the time my turn comes which is no. 1011, I think pembagi scroll tu dah lenguh-lenguh kot? Huhu! 

For now, let's finish this Solicitor Account assignment first {must be extra mextra hardworking if I want to be on the stage for my second degree next year. Amin..} After years of words, words & words only, now we've to deal with numbers pula. I haven't bought calculator yet & somebody please remind me to buy one at Mydin Mart this Monday. Harap-harap ada kaler pink, supaya lebih seronok & bersemangat membuat kira-kira nanti. Woots! {atau mungkin perlu "Wuwuwu!?}
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