Sunday, 9 October 2011

Of Getting Married & Whatnots

Managed to breathe in normal air for a few hours yesterday evening! Yayyy!

Nothing much actually just that my friend, Riz came to UiTM to kidnap me for a few hours to teman her to collect her wedding cards at Plaza Alam Sentral {PAS}. It was a really last minute notice, it was amidst Evidence class with Mr Yun when I received het text asking me whether I'm free

I've known Riz since my Penang Matriculation College days & we've had a fair share of each other's stories.  She even still remembers the name of my first boyfriend *coughs* & all the dramas *double coughs* So, knowing her will settle down with her sweetheart, Ayman makes me feel so happy! Of course, being a Drama Queen sensitive person I'm, mata kebasahan sejurus selepas beliau memberitahu saya beliau akan berkahwin Disember in

Another good friend of mine is going to change her title from 'Cik' to 'Puan' soon, why shouldn't I tumpang her happiness ayte?! :')

To Riz, I can't promise you yet that I could attend your majlis in Penang {I've been missing the Bridge & food!} but I can assure you that my doas will always be with you. Semoga di permudahkan urusan till the akad nikah day & of course for your future as well, Amin. And if possible, I want to be Auntie Cookie fast-fast. Hehe!

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