Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wild Wild Night

It's almost 2 am now & guess guess where I'm now!!

At McD Section 18 with my other firm mates {plus Mimi from firm sebelah who's so rajin to tag along. If I were her, rela mek bergolek di dalam bilik sahaja}, forcing our weary minds trying to finish our Contract Law presentation slides. Our classes finished at 10 pm {where each firm had a mini criminal mock trial}, hence the extended working hours -.-'

I'm going to present on Contributory negligence, which is one of the damages available under Contract Law. Honestly, I haven't prepared the text yet, might as well rely on the written submission I prepared earlier. Sooooooooooo, semoga tiada jawapan yang pelik-pelik bakal saya terima esok pagi. Amin...

Can't wait for this discussion to finish, I haven't bathed yet since the morning y'all & donning in formal black & white di pagi hari has invited some curious looks from people around us. Pfttt!

Have a nice day, people! Assalamualaikum
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