Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Bit Hambar But Raya Is Still Raya Nonetheless!

It's third day of Raya already. Cepatnyaaa! So, how's your Raya so far, people?

I've to admit that Raya Haji this year was a bit hambar for me. Probably due to the fact that I arrived at K.Bharu at 6 a.m, went to bed until people finished praying Solat Sunat Hari Raya at 9 something & was a sleepyhead for the whole day. But Raya is still Raya nonetheless!

Thumbs-up to Sani Express for having what-do-you-call-this-mini tv-or-screen? installed at every seat. I only managed to watch Edward Scissorhands for about 10-15 minutes only though, I was too sleepy. Hehe!

The journey went very smooth despite the bus arrived 1 hour & a half late. Sabar je la mek -.-' And it's true that time will pass by so fast when you travel at night, provided that you've really worn yourself out a few hours before the journey. Naik bas tu, confirm tidur zzzzZzz. Sebelum tidur tu, makan la pil Chi Kit Teck Aun dulu barang sepaket dua

Since it's Raya Haji, we didn't cook any special dish penuh satu meja unlike during Raya Puasa, except for some nasi lemak, ketupat & cookies tunjuk kerana fokus utama hidangan Raya Haji haruslah tertumpu kepada masakan daging

I was about to have my breakfast when my neighbours, Cik Limah & Che' came to beraya. So malu greeting them with muka sememeh tak mandi

Meet Cik Limah's granddaughter, Nur Dini & my cat, Puteh
We became close after I introduced her to Puteh that she even followed me when I wanted to take my bath. Didn't have chance to bid Dini good bye though, dorang balik semasa saya sedang mandi. Sobs! T_T

 I don't know which pictures of mine I should upload. So, I uploaded both. Can ahh syok sendiri? Lol!

 Visiting arwah Mok's grave {my maternal grandmother} at Kg Pulau Semut, K.Bharu. Arwah Mok passed away on November 11, 2004, so it's been nearly 7 years already. Al-Fatihah...

Makan-makan with paternal relatives

Ayah Sham & Uden sedang melapah daging lembu qurban untuk acara bbq pada malam itu

Didn't take many pictures during bbq because I was the only female among 10! The advantage of having many male cousins/relatives at my age,I guess? And my hp also became everyone's hp that night. Sibuk nak baca msg & tengok gambar, as if mek ni ramai skandal atau bf la kan? Ceh! -.-'
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