Monday, 7 November 2011

From White To Black

Have you noticed anything different on this blog? What?! Too dark, you say? 

*switchs on the lamp* 

Ok, have you seen anything different now? Hehe!

It's been quite a long time since I did some major make overs to this blog {because LL.B is one time & energy consuming Honours programme. I even have one group assignment to be submitted to Yana, my Senior Partner via e-mail today T_T} & honestly, I've been getting tired over the fact that I kept recycling the blog headers over & over again. I don't know about other bloggers but changing the template, header, background, font etc always makes me happy!

Or, do you like it better in white? Give your comment, plish plish? :D

I couldn't imagine having a place of my own someday, it must be so fun to have all the furniture arranged according to my own liking & creativity ayte? :D Hopefully, my whoever my future husband is, isn't a 'what-are-you-doing-mek-tukar-kedudukan-perabut-sokmo?' type or else, I'm going to have some hard times to convince him to help me. Just like my Abah, whenever he's in command {by the Lady of the house aka my Ma of course. Hehe!}, he'll instantly lend his hands without saying much!

Tak pun, kita berangan melalui ini!

I wish my almost 4 year-old laptop tidaklah se-slow seperti sekarang supaya saya boleh bermain The Sims tanpa ada sekatan. but it's ok Umar. I still love you though :')


Fitri Ezwan said...


x 10 votes.

ila ni said...

putih jgk!
soleil m blog's is known for it's cheerful white!

ehh sungguh ehh sani ekspress ado gotu? nk naik sani dh la pah2ni.

Safiah Ibrahim said...


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