Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Domo, The Star Witness

I always think hijacking other people's twitter or fb account is fun & amusing. I used to do that too to my friends' fb {went to my fb wall & wrote something there as if the messages came from them. Desperate much? Lol!} & had some good laughters whenever I read my friends' twits or status which obviously hadn't been twitted by tuan empunya diri

Doesn't it show that our friends couldn't get enough of us sometimes? Hehe!

But well, I never tought that my turn would eventually come some day


Somebody hijacked my hp & wrote this at my twitter! I didn't realize it until I received a few replies from my friends later! Pfttt!

So, folks! Remember not to leave your hp unattended because like in my case, even my firmmates betrayed me! *cries* I've a few suspects in my mind who are among my own firmmates & like a heroine diva, confidently confronted one of them who was my senior partner, Yana. I even passed her a death note later on! *flips tudung kiri kanan looking so ganas*

 Domo, the star witness with my death note to Yana. Yana pula was missing in action. She's scared of me perhaps? Buat salah lettwww :P

 Identification parade much? Or probably Juwe was so mesmerized after looking at my oh so cantik handwriting. Lol!

Tiba-tiba ada group photo dengan Domo, the star witness. Might as well kidnap this creature some day!

Well, about that 'buah hati' mentioned in the twit above, it was just some inside jokes going around in our class, nothing serious. LL.B can be so stressful you know that we need some entertainment too sometimes. Macam budak perempuan darjah 1 yang kena gossip dengan budak lelaki meja sebelah. Ha, like that la. Hehe!

But still, I'm a really innocent victim! >.< Now, where's Yana?

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