Tuesday, 22 November 2011


I'll be having my first Solicitors' Account test tomorrow morning & I haven't finished studying yet. Well, nothing extraordinary about that. Bak kata one of our lecturers, "LL.B is all about a matter of time, not preparation"

Couldn't agree more on that point, Madam

Solicitors' Account is the second subject {after Economics which I learned during our Pre Degree Law zillion of years ago} which allows us to play along with calculator. I don't remember being & looking so cool while busy tekan-tekan the calculator. I feel so busy, although it was just a simple calculation on Sale & Transfer, First Schedule of Solicitors' Remuneration Order 2005. Hehe!

And if you sat near or next to me in the class just now {poor Anas. Adakah beliau juga seteress mendengar mek membebel? Lol!}, you probably could hear me curse a bit

"Adoii! Teruknya math aku!"
*goes to pantry & make a cup of suam-suam horlicks*
"Ape niiiii?"
*jalan-jalan around class to kacau people*
*goes to some potential victims & bombards them with my questions*
*updates some status on twitter*

Well dear adik-adik BLS {especially to Part 6}, if you think life as a BLS student is enough for you to make you go half zombie, then come & try LL.B! Hehe!

Should stop playing around, it's 11 something pm already & I haven't continued my baca-baca yet. Semoga di permudahkan urusan esok, Amin & InsyaAllah. Pray for me, please? Tqvm!

Have a nice week people! Jangan biarkan ke-seteres-an membelenggu hidupmu! :D

Me & my senior partner, Yana Domo who likes to goyang-goyang her head like one of Sesame Street characters {going to find out later. Now I've a new modal to ejek her :)) } whenever happy music is on air
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