Sunday, 13 November 2011

I Love You Like Some Nuts Hidden In A Bar Of Chocolate

Arrived at LCCT at 9 am yesterday morning but only managed to arrive at my room at Kolej Mawar a few minutes before 2 pm

Girls equal to dramas equal to window shopping equals to melenggang kangkung

If you're a guy & have a plan to jalan-jalan with your sister or girlfriend or female cousin together with her other girlfriends, maybe the equation above could be a little help to you. Hehe!

Anyway, I had spent 14 hours {out of my first 24 hours after arriving at Selangor} to qadha my sleep. Seriously people, apart from eating & jalan-jalan, my utmost hobby is sleeping. Nothing can beat the feeling of being alone & enjoying my dreams at Lala Land although beberapa episod mimpi telah di cemari dengan elemen-elemen peperiksaan. Until now, I keep having some dreams about my SPM papers, especially on Add Math, Chemistry & Pendidikan Islam. They're nightmaresssss I tell you!

Kembali kepada landasan asal as I need to submit this case study to my Senior Partner before midnight. And do you know that I've been eating chocolate non-stop since the morning? Daim & Kisses, what a perfect combo {lepas tu naik jejerawats sebab ada kacang}

Calculated the sum of awards without using the calculator. Wah, math mek ada improvement! Lol!

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