Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Merah Ang-ang

Silky Girl No. 25
This instantly has reminded me to our Bahasa Melayu for Law lecturer, PM Dr A. Hehe!

I'm really not a lipstick girl as lip balm has always been my bff since I was probably 18. Since my lips colour isn't as perfect as Snow White's *coughs* & my Ma has been constantly commenting on how pale I was whenever I was ready to step out from the house *coughs*, soooooo, when I was holding one Lip Ice Lip balm & queued at the Guardian counter a few days ago, she convinced me to get a lipstick instead & helped me choose the brightest colour ever!

Well, I still haven't had the guts to go to the class with my lips painted merah ang-ang. Calit sikit-sikit sudah memadai mungkin kerana mek tidaklah seglamour itu :')

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