Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Motif Berangan Kahwin Masa LL.B?

It really feels like yesterday when I whined at my Twitter of how lonely my life in S.Alam a day before Raya Haji. Now, dah hari ke-5 selamat pulang ke S.Alam. Perasaannya sekarang adalah bagai seekor burung yang terpenjara dalam sebuah sangkar, merenung sayu ke langit biru 

Ni nak reminisce hari terakhir before balik hari tu. Since our bus to K.Bharu was at 9 pm malam raya & mahu manfaat sepenuhnya waktu tidur di dalam bas supaya tampil segah pada pagi hari raya, me & Khazan decided that it's best to jalan-jalan pada siang harinyanya

So, we went to bengkel kereta {let just say that Khazan's car needed a massage. I don't know anything about car, sorry} Burger King {watched some kids at Extreme Park & determined to join them 1 day which we aren't sure how & when}, Giant {where I bought some groceries for only RM10.00 plus. I'm getting better at this!} & Barra {where I received calls from a friend & family who were kind enough to share my pain of still being in UiTM} to have our breakfast & early dinner where we berangan-ly had made up stories that my family-in-law lives at Laman Seri, Sect 13, S.Alam. It's only a few minute drive to UiTM, so I can always invite Khazan to have lunch at home anytime! :D

Since I'm single & Khazan already has a bf, maka watak utama dalam drama itu haruslah mek. Lol! 

Motiffffff berangan kahwin masa LL.B? Might as well write a full script about it & sell it to some producers -.-'

I'm getting tired eating nasi lemak Pak Mat for breakfast & lunch but I've no choice. And the sandwiches are so expensive. RM2 for 2 slices of breads? Tsk!

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