Wednesday, 16 November 2011

It's Your Manjaness That I Miss

It's been really a stressful day. It started when our firm didn't manage to impress & please our lecturer during the Tort presentation the first thing in the morning, followed by an almost heart attack moment after receiving the test paper

It's worse & on par with my Add Math marks during Form 4. I was so busy with debate & stuff that I had 56% negligently neglected my studies. Those days when I was so youngggg & free! I had a lot of wonderful memories & stories when I was 16, nonetheless. No regret there & I would trade anything to get those moments back :')

This is random but I miss being someone important although it's only to my cat, Puteh. I miss her manjaness, really. We spent a few nights together sleeping on my bed & she's such a good kid that I couldn't tahan myself from disturbing her whilst she was sleeping. Hehe! The morning before I left for S.Alam, she was so busy tailing me weherever I went. Auww! Mama love you too, Puteh :')

Oh Kakak, would you please bring her to KL with you this Sabtu? 

Aksi penuh bergaya

Cantik memukau memakai rantai baru, walaupun selepas beli baru perasan ada imej anjing tercetak di situ -.-'

"Mi laff licking mai self"

Pandangan belakang

Pandangan hadapan

So manja right? Rinduuuu!
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