Thursday, 22 December 2011

Because We're Fun That Way

It was an usual stressful yet no-class-what-we-should-do-now-instead-buat-kerja-yang-tak-habis-habis afternoon, where me & my other classmates decided to go for a video call. We were just 5 metres away from each other but it seemed like we were separated by 7 seas! Hillarious!

"Throng: Snow ka kat sana?" -.-'

Team A {Throng & Cheqa} against Team B {Juwe, Anas, Eja & yours truly}, well you can say which side of the world is more interesting & happening ayte? Lol!
I'm soooo going to miss my classmates this holiday :)   

I nearly forgot the existance of YM & such until a few weeks ago. Should put the blame on Kakak who insists to see me live even when I'm so serabai in the class :-" 
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