Friday, 23 December 2011

Qadha Sampai Lebam

Today marks my last day of being a LL.B Part 1 student

No joyous celebration except going to bed at 2 something am trying to finish the Solicitor's Account file & tidur-tidur ayam till the morning as I was supposed to have my Viva Conveyancing this afternoon but it is postponed to next Tuesday. Cuak mek nak menghadap lecturer one on one ni. Haih!

Anyway, I've 3 new pimples emerging on my face. Not attractive at all & I expect more to comeeeee during these 2 weeks of study leave. My first paper, Bahasa Melayu For Law will be on 5th January btw. Any breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper invitation is much appreciated kerana mek tahu, nafsu makan akan membuak-buak apabila seteress

Seteress = makan banyak = kenyang = mengantuk = tidur = jiwa kacau kerana banyak tidur = seteress

I'm so sleepy now & I'm so going to qadha all my sleepless nights sampai lebam before I put my studying cap on. I'm not sure at what time I'll up tomorrow morning, so let just assume that my Saturday will officially begin before the cows go home alright? Hehe!

Have a nice weekend, people! Assalamualaikum & take care!

Me, on my sleep leave
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