Saturday, 24 December 2011

Where Art Thou?

I've one thing that has been bugging me that there were times when I got so stressed & just let the worriness shown on my face
I put the Law of Evidence book {red cover} on my table yesterday evening with an intention to return/get it renewed at the library. Everything happened so fast that it's gone in a few blinks of eyes! I did search for it high & low on my firmmates' tables & lockers serta meja-meja yang sekitar dengannya, sent text msg to a few classmates kot-kot dorang tersimpan or terambik etc but nada


I don't know whether somebody has taken it by mistake or kept it with intention but for whatever reason it is, I pray it will come back to me soon. Amin... Please please please, please return it back to me. Otherwise, I need to pay the penalty & you know how expensive those kind of books are ayte? :((

Please help me to ease this burden, Ya Allah..
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