Thursday, 15 December 2011

Dress To Please

Did you ever have those perplexing time when what you've inside your closet doesn't actually match your taste? Or those sad times when what you've inside your purse doesn't allow you to grab that beautiful skirt/blouse/scarf displayed at the shops without even looking at the pricetag? {those moments that make me miss my Ma's purse the most. Hehe!}

I want to be stylish {or at least look like one, according to my own standard which is *cough* pretty low} yet not revealing & follow the right dress code as ordered by Him but the challenge is how to become one without looking too sappy or selekeh?

*looking at own self now. It's already 8:54 pm & belum mandi. Failllll!*

Well, everybody has their own definition of what stylish is ayte? So, who are we to judge? I'm not stylish, let alone a fashionista {bahaha! This tickles me!} but I believe, feeling comfortable with what you don in, is the key to look confident *flips tudung kiri kanan*

And of course, we dress to please Allah, not the opposite gender :)

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