Monday, 5 December 2011

Hopefully Everything Is Fine, InsyaAllah...

Esok pagi ada Contract test which I haven't finished studying yet. Glad that my turn for VIVA Conveyancing ialah next week, Alhamdulillah

Pagi esok juga Abah will be admitted to the ward at Hospital Sultanah Zainab, K.Bharu & InsyaAllah malamnya akan di operate. Semoga di permudahkan urusan kami, Amin..

Maybe, I should play my role as an anak bongsu more effectively after this although Kakak has always been zillion times manja-er than me *coughs*

Wish I can fly home to be with my petite famille. I've been missing everyone at home a lot but still in denial to admit that I'm homesick. I've been staying at hostel since I was 13 & homesickness isn't something new to me. Distance makes heart grows founder ayte?

Hearing Abah's voice just now on phone was enough to ooze some liquid from my eye ducts... Sigh!

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