Tuesday, 6 December 2011

May I Introduce You To These Wonderful People?

I've been wanting to write some meaningful posts, not that ordinary & boring LL.B related stuff or some pictures taken from my Tumblr

I want to take pictures of everything around me, say my messy desk at the office, my stationery, the fun people in my office & what they do that often tickle my usus {e.g Cheqa & Throng buat push up kat belakang office tadi. Can you imagine with blazer & whatnot? -.-'} or anything random that may fascinate me

But the truth is, I don't have much time to get the pictures transferred to my laptop & edit them. The usual minimum time needed to complete a post like this is 15 or 30 minutes. Time consuming it is & I couldn't afford to waste my time now

What keeps me updating this blog is my passion in writing & sharing. I'll keep writing even nobody reads my blog because it's the gusto that keeps me going. Wah, statement! Kau ingat kau retis ke mek? Lol!

Anyway, I think I haven't properly introduced you to my other firmmates, have I? I'm in Group D by the way & Firm no .1 which is Nadiah Liyana & Co. My senior partner {or more like a group leader} is Nadiah Liyana {hence the firm's name} & we've the other 5 members as co partners, including moi

These pictures taken on Monday evening, semasa cuti 1 Muharram. Stayed back at the office until Maghrib sebab seriau woh dok office time cuti-cuti ni. For those who know, you know la

Yana, the Senior Partner & Eja
These two are like my penghibur di kala duka plus the gossip buddies plus teman pergi MydinMart. Hehe!

Kokmie, the novelist! Woot woot!

Ezzah & Juwe
Together, we form the Kelantanese Allies {plus Cheqa &Fiqah}. Lol!

Weekend pun nak pakai black & white. Memang penyakit -.-'

At least, this time it looks a bit presentable ayte? Hehe!
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