Thursday, 8 December 2011

Of Being A Lawyer-ed Housewife

Received a phone call from Fad a few days ago, a friend of 8 years plus a senior who's working at one legal firm in Subang

Saya: Eh, where are you now?
Fad: In the car, aku baru balik dari office
Saya: Same la. Tapi kau stay back pun dapat gaji, aku stay back kat office penat je la. Esok ade Contract test, study tak habis lagi
Fad: Don't worry Cookie. Your time will come
Saya: I want to be a housewifeeee!
Fad: Please don't!!! You've come this far & now you want to waste your talent?
Saya: What talent? I've none
Fad: See, kau selalu suka merendahkan diri sendiri *continues lectures until his hp battery died*

It's funny how people could see something within yourself {not that I've always received such compliment though} but diri sendiri masih ada doubt & malu-malu. My level of self-esteem is seriously baddddddddd :(

Maybe I need to talk more & make more friendsssss?

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