Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Run Baby Run {Part 5}

It's true that a person who knows how to manipulate his/her time pretty well will never have that 'I'm boring *yawns*' moment. Itulah ciri-ciri pemuda-pemudi harapan bangsa!


Anyway, here are some pictures of 'We Run KL' 10 km run last month. I know I'm about *counts* 3 weeks late but since I didn't win get any place {amongst thousands of participants mind you}, so yeah, tertunda la dia. Hehe!

At 5:45 am, in the bus heading to the venue. I think Hann & Ani look like so cute here!

Everybody's walking towards to the venue, Padang Merbok, Jalan Parlimen

Me & Fifah, after finishing our first 10 km *kembang-kempis tahan nafas*

Gambar a few seconds after reaching at finishing line ada dalam hp, mek malas nak transfer. Imagine a lobster in a orange shirt & black shawl sedang menahan mengah, not attractive at all

Only managed to finish the race in 1 hour 39 minutes. I know, it was nothing impressive about it. Could have done better if I didn't stop at every drink point {there were 4 of them, ada yang mek amik 2 cups terus. Lol!} & didn't stop by to take pictures -.-'

Buttttt, I'm still proud of myself though. Running for 10 km isn't as easy as eating ice-cream when you've toothache or drinking a cup of air gamat {?}. Went to bed at 1 something am that morning & woke up at 5 am, I was so sleepy that I'm afraid that I would fall asleep whilst running

Me, Inte & a cup of peppermint ice-cream

LL.B boleh! #tibe

With my classmate, Parishaaa! {bukan nama sebenar}

Sweaty orange people

Semasa berlari-lari, my mind kept shouting 'Oh my God, why am I doing this to myself?', 'Oh my God, why am I torturing myself like this?', 'Kamon kamonn! You can do it!'. That 10 km run felt like 105645987549 km for me! Over sangat bunyi tapi itu lah hakikatnya

Well, I'm looking forward for another run although the aftermath was so painful that me & my friends walked lika a pool of penguin for a few days. Urat-urat terkejut barangkali. Tak dak exercise apa, tiba-tiba lari 10 km terus -.-'

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