Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Bakery

Do you have any song which can make you enter into that mode instantly?
How I wish somebody will dedicate this song to me someday *dreams*

Play me The Bakery by Arctic Monkeys & you can see me smile or hum or sing along, which I've done this a lot in the class lately. Sorry dear firmmates & firm sebelah for the sound pollution. I know my voice is nothing on par with Akmal, Eja & Shaf but just bear with me ok? :')

 Gambar selingan. From left to right; Shaf, Nobby, yours truly & Mimi

You know I'm so much under pressure when I put that 'I'm so busy & seteress! Would you please show me some by ignoring what I'm doing now?' stickynote on my forehead. And by that it means having a lot of titdbits & bottles of juice/milo/mineral water on my table or menyampuk orang lain menyanyi. Meja yang penuh dengan buku-buku juga boleh menjadi yardstick kepada tahap kesibukan

It's true when people say a person tends to be out of control when he/she's stressed out. The other day, I heard my oh-so-shy classmate, Anas singing some songs while completing his Probate file at 10 pm. Wah, suara emas & that was rare! Lol!

Btw, when I say 'I sing', it actually means 'rapping'. I've been convinced by my friends & family that my voice is totally out of tune & whenever I sing, they will go, "Nyanyi lagu apa ni? Tak ada tone langsung!"

I'm admitting that with a humble heart T_T

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