Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mari Beradu

6.1   - Bahasa Melayu For Law
9.1   - Law of Evidence
12.1 - Advanced Criminal Procedure
15.1 - Advanced Civil Procedure
18.1 - Remedies {Contract, Tort & Bankruptcy}

Oh my ALLAH, look look look! 1 more paper {which is a combination of 3 subjects, all being packed within 3 hours. Heh!} & we'll be as free as birdsssss! Can't wait to pack all my books & notes into the box(es) & qadha all my sleep like there's no tomorrow! WoohOo!

I don't know why but I always find it difficult to sleep even when my body is crying exhaustively. That 2 sleepless nights have really taken a toll on me, mata ala-ala biji saga dah ni. Mungkin perlu mandi dulu baru selesa untuk beradu & tidur selama 13 jam macam after Evidence paper hari tu
Wahhh! Ke mana jejerawat mek pergi?
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