Monday, 16 January 2012

"Mesti Dah Kahwin Ni..."

I was watching a video clip of Sami Yusuf {Healing, if I'm not mistaken} on Astro Oasis a few months ago with my Ma;

Saya: Best kan suara dia?
Ma: Hurm... Agak-agak dia dah kahwin belum? Umur berapa eh?
Saya: 30 kot?
Ma: Mesti dah kahwin ni...

I really don't know what you had in your mind at that moment, Ma. But if you wish to have a handsome menantu like him, maybe we can ask the Cousin, Wae at Cairo to tolong us to find one. Lol!

Tapi  mek rasa, everybody in the Family knows what my cup of coffee is *coughs*

I wake up to the chorus of this nasheed everyday. What a great way to start my day, ayte? :D
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