Monday, 2 January 2012

Amalina Oh Amalina

Read some comments from my friends on Twitter about #amalina & my high level of curiosity finally led me to some discoveries

So, the hottest topic tonight is about Amalina Che Bakri's pictures that have been spread around like pisang goreng panas {Well, if you don't know anything about it yet, don't worry. Hehe!} Since her special debut in 2004 {for making the whole nation went 'wow' with her 17As}, I've to admit that any news about this girl caught my attention

Not a fan of her anyway. Not after the number of As she managed to obtain. What did she eat la this girl? -.-'

Anyway, berbalik kepada cerita tadi of how she's changed after spending a few years in the UK & whatnot, it amuses me on how people have judged her. Of course I do have my own say too but it's better for me to keep my judgment to myself only, alright? Hehe!

Tapi, daripada kutuk-mengutuk bagai tu, adalah lebih baik kita doakan dia supaya insaf & berubah kan, kawan-kawan? And doa sekali supaya kita tetap iman & tak berubah hati ke arah itu. InsyaAllah, dapat juga pahala :)

Oh God, I sound like a nenek already! Is there anyone still reading this? -.-'

"He looks into our hearts & observe your deeds." But the question is, what have we done so far to please Him? Is it enough just to admit openly 'Urusan saya dengan Allah biarlah Dia yang tentukan' without actually do what He has asked us to do?

Tepuk dada, tanya Iman. Allahuahlam :)
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