Sunday, 1 January 2012

Tempat Jauh Lagi DiKenang, Inikan Pula Tempat Tidur

I'm a type of person who likes to study alone

By that it means, in a quiet room or place where I'm the only soul occupying the space {plus the malaikat & others}. I used to love studying at the library but deteste the frequent trips I had to make to the toilet. Like seriously, who can stand studying in a beku place like that? It's hard to focus you know? And worst case, it always triggered my appetite which often was satisfied by some jajans

Study 0 - satisfied tummy 1
I won't be surprised if I gain a few kilos after my final exam

Studying in the office/class is not bad, except that I'm so easily distracted with things around me. Kejap-kejap nak jalan-jalan tengok orang lain buat apa, kejap-kejap pergi MydinMart kat ground floor, kejap-kejap dok termenung nak makan apa for lunch or dinner

And paling tak tahan bila ada orang datang & sembang like this depan meja;

Cheqa & Juwe are discussing about their future i.e girls & marriage
So serious these guys, mek & Yana hanya mampu memandang sesama sendiri

Tetapi benarlah kata orang tua, hanya jauhari mengenal manikam. Tempat jauh lagi dikenang, inikan pula tempat tidur. Out of all places, I think studying in my room at Mawar is the most convenient one {so far} where I can study dengan cara bebas tanpa perlu mandi, bersiap atau makan terlebih dahulu!

Of course, it comes with a high price yakni #panggilantilam

My roommate, Syairah pulang ke rumah di Langkawi since Wednesday. So, I'm conquering the room like nobody's business which includes sleeping from 6 pm till 5.24 am this morning. Mek hanya bangun for solat & tengok fireworks from corridor at 12.00 am then sambung tidur balik. Tsk!

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