Friday, 6 January 2012

Cinta Pandang Pertama ♥

Dear Ma, Abah & Kakak,

Everybody in the Family knows that I'm the least cerewet one {in our Family} *coughs*, the one who can survive with budu, tempoyak & ikan rebus goreng only for lunch & dinner, who wears the same bajus over & over again until everybody gets tired of it, has the simplest collection of make-ups, can skip breakfast, lunch & dinner for The Sims, can sleep like nobody's business in a hot room sampai berpeluh-peluh tak pa asal boleh tidur & the list goes on

But pardon me, for I want to be a bit demanding as this Anak Bongsu is going to have her wishlist be heard & fulfilled this time come what may. Rain or shine, hatta yes or no

Well, I think everybody home is aware that I'll become a year older on January 23 *coughs*. So, I want these furry creatures for my next birthday & yes, this is an order instead of a birthday request

Demanding anak bongsu role- ON

Gebuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunya kamu!

Harassing Gemok's gebu nose & he likes it!

I think I need to practice more on how to hold rabbits
Gemok looks so uncomfortable here, ke sebab perut dia buncit?

Apparently, rabbits' noses are gebu-er than cats'. Can't help but to fall in

Oh, I heard that Abe Wa also likes rabbits. So yeah, we're going to be the strongest allies ever exist in the House. You guys just wait until I finish my final paper & balik rumah. Kami akan beradu tenaga untuk membela arnab. Nantikannnnn~~

And to Tommy, Odie & Citan, don't worry as Mommy/Mama {I'm confused like that. Both also can} still you! I'm missing you guys heaps!

Yang Benar,
Anak Bongsu + Mommy/Mama

{credits to the rabbits at Kokmie's house}
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