Sunday, 29 January 2012

When Insecurity Strikes

Assalamualaikum & hi! Apa khabar semua?

Pernah tak awak, awak & awak di luar sana rasa di mana yang awak mahu kongsi sesuatu di blog, awak dah karang berjela-jela, edit gambar, edit ayat lagi, lagi & lagi when suddenly insecurity strikes? That you're afraid what an honest intention to share could become other people's jest, or worst case, would cause other people smirking at what they read on your blog

Me & my low self-esteem; I wonder till when I can really get rid of it

Other than my Sister, friends & the followers of this humble blog of mine {tqvm people. You're awesome!}, I'm not sure of anyone who comes here & reads my random thoughts & stories. Do they come with purpose(s) or just to fill in their leisure times or to stalk what I'm up to? Well, as if mek ada any stalker la kan? Lol!

Well, for whatever reason that has brought you here, I welcome all of you with arms wide opennnn! *koala bear hugs* And hopefully you don't mind me sharing & writing anything under the sun alright? Otherwise, feel free to click that red 'X' button on top of your browser window :D

I couldn't agree more with you, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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