Thursday, 5 January 2012

Kalau Sudah Jodoh, Tak Ke Mana. Alhamdulillah! :D

The Law of Evidence book, which I borrowed from the library about a month ago had decided to play hide & seek with me

It was not something funny, I swear. I searched for it high & low, to the extend of trespassing my officemates' lockers & stuff {I'm sooooo sorry!} but much to my disappointment, it decided to hide itself & probably had some good laughters watching me gelabah like a Mama kitten losing her anaks

Can you spot the red cover book lying on top of other books? {what a description!}
It was the last time I saw it before it went unseen & unheard for almost 2 weeks

Oh, pardon moi for the super mass. It was the last day of class & we were amidst of completing our Solicitor's Account File. Pheww!

Me & numbers, well, do I need to elaborate more?

A book like that can cost me as much as RM200+. It may sound not much to you but it surely is a lot to me! Stress mek memikirkannya & I refused to pay the penalty as it wasn't my fault! Told Ma about it a few days ago sebab rasa macam down gila & Ma's words were, "Tak ape lah. Redha je la. Mana tahu ade rezeki lain nanti?"

Mek pun redha di samping buat solat hajat & berdoa semoga jodoh kami panjang T_T
But surprise surprise, I found it this evening semasa sedang mengemas barang-barang untuk di bawa pulang ke kolej. Oh Tuhan, I swear I had searched at the same spot twice but tak jumpa. MasyaAllah, mek berasa sungguh gembira! I felt like hugging the book & kissing it bertubi-tubi. Ini mungkin juga berkat doa seorang Emak? Hehe!

Bila happy, kami akan bergambar dengan senyuman lebar seperti di atas {Sekadar gambar hiasan}
Don't have the guts to keep it anymore, in case dia nak main hide & seek lagi. So, I immediately returned it to the library & was penalized RM2.00 for late return. Ok la tu kan daripada kena bayar the purchase price

Now, I can enter the exam hall without having to think about the missing book anymore. Alhamdulillah! :D

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