Saturday, 28 January 2012

Of Kema & Wan's Wedding

Cuti sekolah cukup sinonim dengan kenduri kahwin & mek juga tidak ketinggalan untuk menghadirinya

It's cliched but I actually love attending kenduris for some reasons. Other than the delicious lauk pauk kenduri served & you get to eat as much as you want, the chance to meet my friends is rather high. It's like a reunion with free yummy food & happy atmosphere. And don't you just love seeing your old friends look so happy on the dais with their loved one? :')

Btw, less than 12 hours after I arrived home on Thursday morning, Dayah came with her red hot Myvi to pick me to our seconday school friend's wedding, Akmal {or famously known as Kema Petite} in Wakaf Bharu. Turut sama ber'carpool bersama kami ialah Baie & Che Ra

Selingan: Baie works at Asian Pasific Flight Training {APFT} next to Sultan Ismail Airport in Pengkalan Chepa. Homaiii, I don't know how she handles it as there are so many eye candies there. Hahahah!

Ok, back on the track *coughs*

Kema was my classmates for 4 years in SCIPP & I knew she's been someone's fiancee but I never thought that she's going to ditch out change that single title so soon! Senyap-senyap je beliau ini

Or in Kelantanse dialect, 'Baru jah kaweng/nikoh'

Gambar skema bersama pasangan pengantin, Kema & Wan

Gambar tidak skema bersama pengantin perempuan

Self potrait di atas dais. Married or not, it's just like the old time. Lol!

 Acara pembahagian hadiah oleh pengantin perempuan

Semua orang dalam gambar ini sudah matang kecuali Baie sebab dia buat peace sign -.-'
And the one in red, Che Ra is Ibu to 7 month-old Ahmad Rifqi yang handsome! Alhamdulillah!

Teacher Asha & Cikgu Dayah

Bukan Cikgu Suria & bukan Cikgu Baie

 Awanis' banyak cakapness is proven in this pict :P

So, who's next in line? ;)

To Kema & Wan, congratulations again! I pray for your everlasting love & happiness. May you two be blessed with barakah, more rezeki, smooth sailing life as married couple & cute, smart & happy kids, InsyaAllah

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