Friday, 27 January 2012

Of Having A Picnik at Air Terjun Sg Sendat With Classmates

The last time I went to waterfall or jeram was somehere in June last year & it was during a camp for my super juniors at Jeram Pasu, Pasir Puteh, about 4 km away from my former secondary school

I would lie if I tell you that I didn't feel any urge to dip my feet into that crystal clear cold water mengalir riang right in front of my eyes. If I would, I would have toooo. It was so irresistable!

But I guess, my super juniors would definitely have some says to share among them after seeing how childish their super senior could be. Bak kata pepatah, bagaikan itik mendapat air & it was surely not a nice sight to see. Or more like an aye sore for them -.-'

When my classmates suggested that we should go for a picnik at any waterfall after a semester of stressful & never ending workloads, I was among a few first ones to say yes without any hesitation. Like come on people, why not you love being among familiar faces but at totally different place yakni di tengah-tengah hutan?

Too bad la, from 24 people from Group D, only 5 could make it plus Din, Juwe's friend. It's okay Din, Mechanical Engineering student also can form ally with Law students. We're kind people, we don't bite & the only harmful thing we could cause you is our banyak cakapness only. Well, perhaps?

So, after we finished our last paper on 18th & criminal mock trial on 21st & 22nd, we bid good bye to S.Alam & hello Air Terjun Sg Sendat, Ulu Yam!! And did I tell you before that we went there on my birthday?! Double yayyyys!

  Stopped by at this one lake on our way to Sg Sendat & it's so beautifullll. Subhanallah
Ramaiiiiiiiiii sangat orang. Siap datang dengan periuk belanga dapur khemah tempat sidai baju semua
I even saw a few neneks/makciks mandi-manda di bawah sana with their families

Masa orang lain tengah sibuk-sibuk settle down, kemas barang-barang semua, Anas pula sudah selamat masuk ke dalam air. A very eager guy, you can tell. Lol!
 Rombongan ini telah di taja oleh Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Selangor

 The only female participants as Eja & Fiqah had another commitment pada saat-saat akhir :(

Bersantai umpama di tepian pantai

Yana di dalam air, Cookie di darat
Di dalam kereta, bertemu juaaa

K-Pop overloaded sungguh di belakang sana -.-'

After solat Zuhur, hujan turun dengan lebatnyaaaaa. Hasrat mereka untuk masuk semula ke dalam air terpaksa di batalkan. Kalau tak, tak tahulah sampai pukul berapa mek terpaksa menjadi penjaga barang & tukang amik gambar di tepian jeram itu memandangkan mek seorang sahaja yang tidak mandi. So mak-mak di situ

Left Sg Sendat around 4 pm, I think? Had lunch at one mamak restaurant in Selayang where I managed to embarrass myself & became the laughing stock to my friends. Like seriously, how should I know they don't serve Kuew Tiau Kungfu? -.-'

All in all, it was one fun trip to Air Terjun Sg Sendat. And tqvm to all 5 of them for singing me a birthday song in the middle of the jungle, di tepian jeram dengan di temani nyamuk-nyamuk. No birthday cake but ayam goreng KFC, cheezy wedges & nuggets pon sedappp kan bila dah lapar. Hehe!

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