Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Of Turning A Year Older

I've officially turned a year older yesterday, at 6:30 a.m to be specific

Alhamdulillah for this nikmat umur, health & everything you've blessed me, ya Allah... And tqvm to my Parents for showering me with infinite amount of love & care. Ma's so cute nak jadi orang first that she even wished me a day earlier. Hehe!

If you ask me where I was when the clock striked 12 on 23 January 2012, my answer is 'I was in the shower, taking a late 20-minute bath. Blissss!' Ala-ala penyucian jiwa di bawah air gittew

Thank you to all phone calls & text msg, hugs, warm wishes & doas {which mostly are on jodoh & husband soleh related stuff. Lol!}, Fb walls {tqvm to Fb reminder I may add. Hehe!}, Twitter, belanja makan, a birthday song sang by my classmates in the middle of the jungle at air terjun Sg Sendat {will blog about this later. WoohOo!} & birthday presents. I never hoped for a surprise birthday celebration, like I had last year sebab rasa macam dah tua *coughs*

I affirmly believe that it's the thoughts that count most. So. tqvm people! I youuuu!

Anyway, a new age comes with some new doas, determination & hope. I feel a bit old {this is like a tagline whenever I became a year older that my friends have stopped bothering about that -.-'} but to summarize it all;

May Allah help me go through this phase of age with ease, barakah & no unnecessary dramas. Amin...

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