Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Before & After Project #2

For Before & After Project #2, I was honoured to be given a chance to do some changes to Rayyan's blog. She wanted something simple with some elements of purple. So, what I did was to have that light purple background installed & a picture of some colourful flowers & a bee as the header



Rayyan was my secondary school junior back then in SciPP. Orangnya tinggi lampai, kalah kakak seniornya ini. Mek ingat lagi, masa first day Rayyan & her batchmates datang register, mek & Lisz pergi kacau-kacau dorang dalam dorm. Kitorang menyamar jadi adik-adik Form 1 la kunun-kunun tapi memang tak sesuai la jadi Form 1 kalau awal-awal dah banyak mulut macam tu kan? Terus perbuatan kami berjaya di hidu. Jatuh saham kami sebagai kakak-kakak senior Form 4 -.-'

But the good thing that came after is the sisterhood! I've to admit that I wasn't that friendly in school {no adik angkat, kakak angkat etc. You know, things people usually do at all girls' boarding school} but Rayyan & soon-to-be-a-Dr Atiey *waves at her* are my exceptions :)

Rayyan's currently studying at University Al-Azhar, Mansoura, Egypt & I pray the best for her life, Amin...
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