Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Congratulations X 3

Currently at KLIA with the Sister; chilling, baring-baring like a boss, usya-ing pilots {reminds me to my dear old friend, Aiman. Oh my, how good looking he can be in that white uniform!} while tahan pening-pening lalat for the lack of sleep last night. Our next flight to K.Bharu will be at 6:25 pm, so ini sahajalah yang mampu kami lakukan selain daripada menyusutkan lagi bilangan kepingan pitih di dalam purse. Tsk!

Anyway, the final exam result was released early this morning, sent to our e-mail. Almost 2 a.m baru lah menjelma e-mail itu, penat ye mek nebes sorang-sorang manakala Kakak selamat sudah tidur. You should really see how nervous I was in front of the laptop that I kept refreshing my e-mail inbox 45 times in a minute. I swear if I had anybody sitting next to me that moment, I would hug her!

Apparently, I also could turn myself into a mini Hulk when I'm worried. You definitely dowan to sit near me with my face so masam & garang like above. Huih!

All in all, I'm glad that everything turned out ok. Dean List jauh sekali la dikkkk but Alhamdulillah. At least, I've some reasons to tell my Parents why I spent so much money in these 4 days. Hehe!

And to my seniors, congratulations for completing your LL.B (Hons)! You've made it! WoohOo! Nanti nak datang menyibuk masa korang punya convocation boleh tak? :D And also to my dear comrades of LL.B Part 1, congratulations juga. See you guys in 2 weeks, InsyaAllah

And congratulations kuasa 3 to my senior sekolah rendah slash jiran sekampung slash senior at UiTM for being appointed as Puan Magistrate last week. Truly an inspiration she is :)

Another testimonial that LL.B Part 2 is tough *shivers*
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