Thursday, 23 February 2012

Of A White Healing Stick & Stuffy Stuffy Nose

Arrived home safe & sound at 9 p.m & our petite famille {plus 6 cats & kittens} is complete as usual. Alhamdullillah!

It's almost 3 a.m, I should have been somewhere in LalaLand but my panda-ish eyes refuse to cooperate, leaving my weary mind wanders alone. Hamboii, demand dia! Esok pukul berapa entah baru kembali membuka mata

And rasa macam nak selsema lah & rasa macam sesak nafas juga. Adakah ini penangan jangkitan daripada Kakak since I spent most of my times with her during our stay in Kuching? She's getting better btw & by that, does it mean that she's succesfully transferred her germs to me? Oh noooooo! :O

Me & Kakak with her healing stick for her demanding stuffy nose
She purposely posed like that btw. And gambar tak centre sebab tangan mek pendek -.-'

Maybe I should get myself that healing stick {what's it called btw?} too, other than Minyak Cap Kapak, drink a lot of water, sleep early *coughs*, get enough rest & pray to Allah that hopefully I won't get sick. I still have two janji temus bersama teman-teman wanita yang perlu dipenuhi, you know. Ya, I'm a celebrity liddat *flips tudung kiri kanan*

And I still need to buy some stuff for kembali ke sekolah. 2 weeks more, or less? Pftt!
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