Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I've A Boyfriend. His Name Is Mr T

I was on the stairs on my way to my room when I heard bell ringing sound coming from the living room downstairs. I immediately knew whom it came from. It doesn't need a second guess & semua orang di dalam rumah ini kenal akan bunyi itu

So, meet Mr Tommy, everyone!

 It seems like somebody is trying to have a nap here

"What chu want?"

"Would chu plish go away? Me have an important bishness here. Me want to shleep"
"Me paw tastes like Friskies! Ah-mazinggg!"

Like a boss

"Smile Tommy, smilee!"
"...... *mamai* "

"Smile Tommy! We're on camera!
"Huh? Where where?"

Tak sedar diri badan besar. Nak juga tidur bucu meja liddat. Haih!

His last pose before I leave

It's been a while since my last post on Tommy, the superstar of the House. And  a very spoilt one, I must add

According to Kakak, the Brother-in-law even cuddles him to sleep at nights & Tommy ni, dia macam takut sikit dekat BIL. So, dia patuh sahajalah. Lol! If we want to find Tommy during weekends, go & ask either Kakak or BIL. Most of the times, Tommy will be in their room

A few days ago Kakak sent me a picture of Tommy khusyuk tengok movie dengan dorang, siap dengan subtitles arab tu. Tapi Tommy paham ke masalahnya? -.-'
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