Saturday, 25 February 2012

Jalan-jalan At Kuching {Part 2.75}

{ 20 Feb 2012 | Day 2 | Part 2.75 }

Kuching Waterfront gets merrier at night. There are kiosk, stalls that sell souvenirs at much cheaper prices, bilik sembahyang slash surau, public toilet, gerai makan etc. I was glad that Kak C was with us, tak ada lah takut sangat nak jalan-jalan. Kakak also had someone to accompany her borak-borak while I was busy snapping here & there :)

One of the major attractions at Kuching Waterfront is its famous Sarawak River Cruise. I heard the fee is RM90 per adult & the tour duration is 1 hour & a half. Some people decribe it as 'a-must-do activity' but we didn't hop onto it anyway. Memadailah sekadar berjalan-jalan sahaja sambil membakar kalori *coughs*
. .

Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak

We walked until the end of the Waterfront. Since souvenir shops are just situated in front of it, we decided to give it another visit before we officially call it a day. It's advisable to go there before 7 p.m though, sebab banyak kedai tutup awal. Maybe juga sebab weekdays, orang pun tak ramai

The advantage is that you get all attention you need from the salesgirls & of course, at much cheaper price. This is the most perfect time to use or test your bargain skill to the fullest. The one that wasn't happy is probably our purse kerana ia semakin kurus

With adik penjual

The price for 2 metres of kain is between RM10 - RM18, depending on its quality & design

*insert crocodile sound*

We went back to our hotel room almost at 9 p.m. Malam tu mek & Kakak beradu awal. Penat berdo'oh bekali

{To be continued}

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