Sunday, 26 February 2012

Know, Knew & Known

I still have one Before + After Project pending, maybe the last one before I go back to uni early next month & continue my hectic student life as usual. One more semester to go & I'll be done with Law School for real, InsyaAllah. Diploma Syariah can wait kot? Master's also. Seriously mek dah penat belajar

Anyway, no matter how much I love my 'Bonjour Love' header, I've to admit that I'm getting sick of it. I've been trying to change the blog theme to something brighter & louder, say yellow or baby blue but my mind seems to love black, white & pink beaucoup. Gegurl betui dia

My so-called creative juice has stopped flowing, truth be told. Maybe drained out sebab lately asyik skip breakfast. Macam tiada kaitan tetapi prestasi harian boleh di pengaruhi oleh breakfast yang di ambil, do you know? Now you know right?
Header tak jadi. Tebal sangat kotak hitam tu

And, do you know that if I want, I can eat Nasi kerabu daging bakar EVERYDAY for my breakfast? Nasi dagang rare sikit but if rajin nak cari awal-awal pagi, InsyaAllah available

Sungguh random entri ini, jump here & there. Maybe I shall switch off the light & start creating nice dramas in my sleep. Who knows I'll end up meeting someone who has been missing me heaps ayte? Who? I don't know also

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