Saturday, 3 March 2012

Back To School

I always had mixed feeling whenever semester was about to begin. 1 semester more to go & hopefully, I can finally bid good bye to Law School & grad with my aimed pointer, Amin & InsyaAllah

3 semesters of Pre Degree Law + 3 years of Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) + 1 year of Bachelor of Laws/LL.B (Hons) = 5 years & a half

Chambering selama 9 bulan, jangan dilupakan. Any law firm di K.Bharu menjadi pilihan utama buat masa sekarang setelah mempertimbangkan pelbagai faktor

Wow! Think about it, that will make about 6 years & a half spent studying law with lots of whines, perplexing thoughts, hardship, happy times & tears *claps claps!* Maka, sekarang ni niat ingin menjadi suri rumah selepas berkahwin terpaksa ditunda. Belanja almost a decade & you want to waste your law degrees just like that ke, mek? Kok palo sebutir -.-'

It's almost 3 a.m & it's raining heavily outside. I should join Tommy at LalaLand now, he's been sleeping like a log on my bed. Geram tengok paws dia yang gemuk tu. Come Tommy, let Mama cuddle you

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