Friday, 16 March 2012

Nom Nom Nom

I'm miss flooding this blog with a lot of photos but honestly, taking pictures with 3.2 mp camera using my Nokia E71 is no fun. Considering that this will be my last semester at Law School, I'm planning to invest some money & get myself a new camera. Another Lumix perhaps this time?

Btw, went to Manhattan Fish Market at Sunway Pyramid last night with classmates, Eja, Fiqah & Yana. Seronok berjalan-jalan walhal esok ada kelas, celebrate habis first assessment for CTA katanya walhal ada lagi another 90 marks untuk di assess -.-'

Due to food sampai lambat, we were the last ones to leave the restaurant & arrived at Kolej Melati main gate just in time before curfew. Pheww!

Happy belated birthday, Fiqah! :D

It's almost 6:30 pm & I'm still at the office alone. So semangat to update blog sebab new room at Melati tak ada wireless connection la pulak. Tsk!

Khazan ajak jalan-jalan Uptown S.Alam tonight. Do you believe that it's going to be my first time there walaupun mek sudah belajar di sini selama 4 tahun? #jakun

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