Sunday, 18 March 2012

Of Saying Hello Again To Gerai Pak Mat

Why must good thing come to an end? Why why whyyyyy? I don't want weekend to end please T_T

Tomorrow will be the beginning of third week of school, so do the tutorial classes for all subjects. I've a case presentation on Evidence Law II this Tuesday tapi baru start baca-baca the case digest. Next Friday, Criminal Law 11 assignment & CTA Bundle of Authorities pulak nak submit. Tutorial Company Law lagi. Bak kata Nicky, baru nak masuk gear 2, tapi kerja dah berduyun-duyun datang. So, how brown cow?

And bila dah start tutorial classes, aktiviti untuk keluar lunch secara berjemaah pun terpaksa dihadkan. So hello again Gerai Pak Mat near PTAR!

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