Sunday, 18 March 2012

Is This How A Single Working Woman Spends Her Weekends?

There's something addictive about going to the office during weekends, no matter how much I complain about how hectic LL.B life it is. It's past 5 pm & here I'm, alone in the office

Is this how a single working woman spends her weekends? I've already foreseen mine

Me & our firm's notice board

I'm the AJK Keceriaan peringkat firm, so I've the authority to decorate the board any way I please! Yayyy! Plan asal nak buat bunting macam kat circus, tapi none of us had benang, maka terpaksa buat atap macam gambar di atas & tiba-tiba kertas tak cukup. Hence, the compang-camping -.-'

And I wonder who keeps our firm's label & gambar seisi firmmates? Kita recycle yang last semester sudah. Awal-awal semester notice board memang kosong jah, but wait until the workloads berbondong-bondong datang

Shaf dah balik & I declined her offer to send me balik kolej because I want to walk & sweat myself a bit. Perhaps, that's the only exercise I afford to do now other than wash my own clothes. At least, ada la juga muscles mek bergerak kan?

I need to print a case of Kong Nen Siew v Lim Siew Hong [1971] 1 MLJ 262 for Evidence Law 11 presentation on Tuesday & leave this office as soon as possible. Anak dara tak elok tauuuu stay kat office sorang-sorang waktu senja begini *coughs*

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