Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I realize that this blog has been lacking some elements lately; photos & happy posts {at least for me} & I put all the blame wholly on nothing but the unhappy me. Sigh! 

Tomorrow will be the last day for college appeal. A few lucky friends have got their way in Kolej Mawar while for some of us who are not that lucky, terpaksalah tunggu esok. Terpaksa skip kejap kelas Advanced Criminal Procedure, nasib baik Puan H is okay walaupun beliau macam hesitate juga at first nak bagi

Pasrah lah kalau tak dapat this time. I've been staying at the college since Pre Degree Law + 3 years of BLS + 1st semester of LL.B & kalau tak dapat juga to stay inside campus, this will be the first time me staying at rumah sewa. Bak kata Abah, "Kalau tak dapat juga, anggaplah ni macam jihad"

Mengalir air mata mek tatkala mendengar ayat itu. I rarely cried whenever I was on the phone with the Parents except for serious matters & this is a very serious one :'(

Lepas tu masuk bilik sambung nangis depan Ummu & Hafsah. Nangis, nangis lepas tu gelak, then kena gelak pula oleh mereka -.-' Lemah, I know but I've had enough. Penat fikir LL.B Part 2 lagi, dengan masalah kolejnya lagi. Nak belajar pun tak fokus. Wish I'm now in the comfort of my own bedroom 500+ km away from here

Help me ya Allah... Help me to get in this time, Amin...

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