Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Girl Can Dream No Matter How Hard Reality Bites

{credits to Georgiana Design}

I know I've been posting these kind of pictures almost every week or whenever I'm inspired, so perhaps, seseorang di hujung tanjung sana has already yawned & clicked X at the right top of his/her browser

Pardon moi because I really can't help it. Hehe!

Although having my own crib won't be possible in near future, I can dream & have all these realized at The Sims 3 at least. That's the closest I could get my hands now. Hewhewhew! And mine would probably not even close to be on par with what I want but a girl can dream no matter how hard reality bites

Kos pembinaan rumah sekarang mahal kot? Tsk!
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