Friday, 27 April 2012

Of Umrah, Jordan & KL

Went to Sultan Ismail Airport at Pengkalan Chepa on Wednesday evening to send off the Brother-in-law's Parents {Ayoh & Mok}, uncles, aunts & cousins who left for Mekah to perform umrah. Kakak tumpang sekaki the merriness & boarded the same plane with the Rombongan as she had to attend a 3-day course in KL

According to their plan, the Rombongan will be in Jordan for a few days to visit the Brother-in-law's youngest brother, Syubli who is now studying at University Al Albayt, Mafraq right after performing umrah

 Woke up late *coughs*, skip my breakfast & had a cup of yogurt instead
Sungguh menyihatkan bukan? {though on the way balik dari airport minta Abah drove thru McD}

Mok & Ma

Abah & Pok Su Yi

Ayoh Mi & family

Anak-beranak; Ayoh, the Brother-in-law & Hamidi
 The famous Ustaz Don was Hamidi's uni mate once upon a time ago. Woots!

"Doa belako deh? Doa biar mene belako; Chelsea, The Red Warriors, politik etc etc etc"

Khas untuk Ejatie. Hehe!

Visiting the Land of Prophets has been in my wishlist for yearsss already! How I wish I've enough money in my piggy bank though tapi piggy bank pun tak ada, so how how? Kepada juniorku Rayyan, awok tok sey sponsor tiket ko sayo ko? Boleh kito gi tengok pyramids bersama-sama. And I also can visit my cousin, Ridhuan there

Akhir kalam, to the Rombongan, I pray for their safety pergi & balik, di beri kesihatan yang terbaik untuk beribadah & may Allah accept their ibadah & ziarah. Taqabal Allah al ziyarah! Amin & InsyaAllah :)
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