Sunday, 22 April 2012

Meow-ed For Attention

Look look who voluntarily came to my bedroom last night, meow-ed for my attention, slept on my bed & cuddled me to sleep? Auwww! I felt so loved!

Well, literally. Hehe!

It's been such a hot day here in K.Bharu, MasyaAllah. Even after mandi pun, rasa panas balik. Petang semalam, tatkala cuaca panas, tiba-tiba ada mini ribut & hujan sekejap. I bet, petang ni pun sama lah

I love being in my bedroom & lull to sleep with the sound of raindrops. It would always put me in reminiscent mood for some reasons. It's true that I was named for being born in the morning {at 6.45 a.m to be exact. And yes, Ma got inspired as easy as that -.-'} but I always have fetish on rains & rainy days always make me happy :')


miss shuga said...

kuantan, kdg2 panas, kdg2 hujan.. :)

soleil m said...

panas is ok for me minus the oily face T_T

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