Sunday, 1 April 2012

Mon Portable Est Rouge

Just finished my part for Opinion Writing assignment & I'm now as free as birdddd! Don't you love the satisfactory feeling upon completing the last sentence, although it took me about 4 hours to finish typing that 4 pages of letter of legal advice? Well, at least, I'm done with my part. Alhamdulillah & yayyy!

Well, only for tonight though, as there are still some works pending. Haih! -.-'

Anyway, after being laptop-less for almost a week, Umar has a new sister finally. After considering a few pros & cons & most importantly that my desired model doesn't come in pink, I went for Lenovo G470 instead. It was a tough decision really & I was glad that Khazan, Mira, Juwe & Judin were with me yesterday at Digital Mall, PJ

So, please say 'Assalamualaikum & bonjour' to Umar's new sister, Rouge!
Her name isn't finalized yet though, I was thinking to call her 'red' or 'ahmar' in arabic tapi it sounds so wrong kan? So, 'Rouge' is a better name, I think. Kalau ikut nama melayu, dia di kenali sebagai Cik Merah Ang-ang. Lol!

Honestly, it wasn't love at first sight but if I can get a laptop at much cheaper price compared to a pricey one with same specs & better performance, so why not ayte? Hehe! And tqvm to Ma & Abah for the fund! Me love youuuu!

Just received a text msg from the Office Manager, Mimi. Kelas Opinion Writing di postponed ke malam Khamis. Ok lara. Penat ye stay back sampai malam buat benda alah ni :((

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